Bahá (Splendour) Sunset Fri 19th to Sunset Sat 20th March 2021 PDF1_Feast_of_Bahá_Splendour.pdf
Jalál (Glory) Sunset Wed 7th to Sunset Thu 8th April 2021 PDF2_Feast_of_Jalál_Glory.pdf
Jamál (Beauty) Sunset Mon 26th to Sunset Tue 27th April 2021 PDF3_Feast_of_Jamál_Beauty.pdf
‘Azamat (Grandeur) Sunset Sat 15th to Sunset Sun 16th May 2021 PDF4_Feast_of_Aẓamat_Grandeur.pdf
Núr (Light) Sunset Thu 3rd to Sunset Fri 4th June 2021 PDF5_Feast_of_Núr_Light.pdf
Rahmat (Mercy) Sunset Tue 22nd to Sunset Wed 23rd June 2021 PDF6_Feast_of_Raḥmat_Mercy.pdf
Kalimát (Words) Sunset Sun 11th to Sunset Mon 12th July 2021 PDF7_Feast_of_Kalimát_Words.pdf
Kamal (Perfection) Sunset Fri 30th to Sunset Sat 31st July 2021 PDF8_Feast_of_Kamál_Perfection.pdf
Asmá’ (Names) Sunset Wed 18th to Sunset Thu 19th August 2021 PDF9_Feast_of_Asmá_names.pdf
Izzat (Might) Sunset Mon 6th to Sunset Tue 7th September 2021 PDF10_Feast_of_Izzat_Might.pdf
Mashiyyat (Will) Sunset Sat 25th to Sunset Sun 26th September 2021 PDF11-Feast-of-Mashíyyat-Will.pdf
Ilm (Knowledge) Sunset Thu 14th to Sunset Fri 15th October 2021 PDF12_Feast_of_Ilm_Knowledge.pdf
Qudrat (Power) Sunset Tue 2nd to Sunset Wed 3rd November 2021 PDF13_Feast_of_Qudrat_Power.pdf
Qawl (Speech) Sunset Sun 21st to Sunset Mon 22nd November 2021 PDF14_Feast_of_Qawl_Speech.pdf
Masá’il (Questions) Sunset Fri 10th to Sunset Sat 11th December 2021 PDF15_Feast_of_Masáil_Questions.pdf
Sharaf (Honour) Sunset Wed 29th to Sunset Thu 30th December 2021 PDF16_Feast_of_Sharaf_Honour.pdf
Sultán (Sovereignty) Sunset Mon 17th to Sunset Tue 18th January 2022 PDF17_Feast_of_Sulṭán_Sovereignty.pdf
Mulk (Dominion) Sunset Sat 5th to Sunset Sun 6th February 2022 PDF18_Feast_of_Mulk_Dominion.pdf
Alá’ (Loftiness) Sunset Mon 28th February to Sunset Tue 1st March 2022 PDF19_Feast_of_Alá_Loftiness_.pdf
Holy Days
Naw-Rúz Sunset Fri 19th to Sunset Sat 20th March 2021 PDFNaw-Rúz.pdf
First Day of Ridván Sunset Mon 19th to Sunset Tue 20th April 2021
Approx. 3pm
Ninth Day of Ridván Sunset Tue 27th to Sunset Wed 28th April 2021 PDFNinth-Day-of-Ridvan.pdf
Twelfth Day of Ridván Sunset Fri 30th April to Sunset Sat 1st May 2021 PDFTwelfth-Day-of-Ridvan.pdf
Declaration of the Báb Sunset Sat 22nd to Sunset Sun 23rd May 2021
About 2 hours after sunset on Sat 22nd
Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh Sunset Thu 27th to Sunset Fri 28th May 2021
Martyrdom of the Báb Sunset Thu 8th to Sunset Fri 9th July 2021
At about noon
Birth of the Báb Sunset Sun 17th to Sunset Mon 18th October 2021 PDFBirth-of-the-Báb.pdf
Birth of Bahá’u’lláh Sunset Mon 19th to Sunset Tue 19th October 2021 PDFBirth-of-Bahaullah.pdf
Day of the Covenant Sunset Wed 24th to Sunset Thu 25th November 2021 PDFDay-of-Covenant.pdf
Ascension of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Sunset Fri 26th to Sunset Sat 27th November 2021
At 1am
Other Observances
Ayyám-i-Há / Intercalary Days Sunset Thu 25th to Sunset Sun 28th February 2021 PDFIntercalary-Days.pdf
Month of Fasting Sunset Mon 1st to Sunset Fri 19th March 2021