To further the spiritual aim of fostering the spirit of oneness across the world, Baha’is host study circles, gatherings that bring small groups of people together to explore the Baha’i teachings and enrich the spiritual lives of those who take part. Sociable, collaborative, self-directed and participatory, study circles have no formal teachers or “experts,” but instead foster a consultative and cooperative spirit of collective learning. Baha’i study circles center around the goals of developing skills, knowledge and spiritual insights that can contribute to social transformation.

Baha’i’s welcome everyone, regardless of their beliefs, to join an existing study circle or help form a new one. These grassroots local groups meet regularly, investigate the information and inspiration in the Baha’i writings, and then try to translate what they’ve studied into acts of service and community development.

For details of regular children’s classes in different suburbs across Brisbane, please refer to the calendar of events.