The Bahá’í Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program is for junior youth aged 11 – 15 years of age and seeks to enhance their power of expression, sharpen their spiritual perception and allow them to analyze the constructive and destructive forces of society. There are multiple components to each junior youth group that contribute to moral and spiritual empowerment of those that take part. One aspect of the group is to study concepts including stories about junior youth around the world which the members of a junior youth group can relate to and apply certain concepts to their own lives. A critical aspect to a junior youth group is the service component. In this component, the junior youth discuss, plan and execute various projects and endeavours enabling them to carry out selfless acts of service to the community around them.   The program enables the fulfilment of a twofold moral purpose –  the advancement of the individual as a spiritual being and the progress of the community’s spiritual, social and economic development.

For details of regular Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment programs in different suburbs across Brisbane, please refer to the calendar of events.