Bahá’í devotional gatherings are meditative meetings, frequently held in homes or public spaces in neighborhoods, which provide a time for all, regardless of belief or background, to share prayers and contemplate sacred scriptures. At a devotional gathering, you can expect to enter a warm and tranquil atmosphere, hear and read the Word of God from the Bahá’í writings and other holy texts, share uplifting conversations with new friends, and enjoy moments of reflection and peacefulness.

Soul Food is a special monthly event that is now held in over 20 locations across the world. Soul Food provides an opportunity to unite in a tranquil environment and reflect on inspiring themes and common threads that tie us all together. It features live music, audio-visual pieces and readings from faiths and philosophers, authors, leaders and indigenous cultures, from all over the world.

The purpose of Soul Food is to inspire us to transform our lives, our neighbourhoods and communities, with actions that promote the unity and betterment of society.

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There are monthly Soul Food events held in Brisbane:

For details of regular devotionals gatherings in different suburbs of Brisbane, please refer to the calendar of events.