Children’s classes in Brisbane are available in your area

Services offered FREE of charge by your local Bahá’í community for children 2-10 years old

Bahá’í children’s classes are being held in Brisbane and SE Queensland neighborhoods, and in some State Schools. Children’s Classes are a space for children (4-10 years of age) to learn and develop, through use of song, craft, story-telling and other forms of expression. The materials used emphasise the acquisition of spiritual qualities such as truthfulness, generosity, and kindness. These classes aim to help children to:

• acquire spiritual qualities such as love, truthfulness and generosity
• develop patterns of behaviour that lead to a fruitful and productive life
• become aware of God’s love for humanity and His unfailing assistance

All teachers volunteer to help with children education and spiritual growth. All have completed compulsory training and hold government accreditation to work with children (Blue Cards).

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Children’s Class Curriculum